DeVille_headshot3Born and raised in South Africa, I grew up with a deep love for exploration and adventure that was fostered by the wildness of my African childhood. My Mother was a drama teacher and musician who made sure that I was exposed to music, art and theater. My Father being an ex-gymnast and military man introduced me to the world of physical training and acrobatics where I excelled from an early age. It wasn’t long before I discovered martial arts and specifically the Brazilian art of Capoeira, which became one of my foundational disciplines. Parkour followed not long after and soon training surpassed being just a hobby, it became my lifestyle. Throughout my childhood and teenage years I was often involved in drama groups and participated in neighborhood plays growing up. I knew then already that I wanted to act, to tell stories and make them come alive in spectacular ways.

I received my training at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and attended the Performing Arts Lifestyle Institute in South Africa. As a professional freerunner, stuntman and martial artist, I possess a unique set of action skills to complement my acting craft.

As a teacher and practitioner of parkour, I embrace a lifestyle and philosophy of overcoming obstacles. I am a firm believer in expression through movement, health and vitality that is grounded in functional fitness and clean living.

Traveling frequently between South Africa and the United States has afforded me opportunities to acquire experience and skills in the Hollywood film industry. I am passionate about implementing those skills locally and contributing to the ever-growing film industry in South Africa.


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